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My Favorite Spy

Watch Free My Favorite Spy (1951)
HD - 6.5

My Favorite Spy (1951)

IMDb: 6.5

My Favorite Spy 1951 Peanuts White, a burlesque comic, is recruited by U S agents to impersonate international spy Eric Augustine whom White resembles in a mission to purchase a million dollar microfilm in mysterious, exotic Tangier There, he encount

Svengali (2013)

Watch Free Svengali (2013)
HD - 5.6

Svengali (2013)

IMDb: 5.6

Svengali 2013 Svengali tells the story of Dixie, a small town guy with a big dream He leaves a humble Welsh mining town for the bright lights of London, intent on becoming the manager of the best band in the world Svengali is a feel good British come

Akram Khans Gis

Watch Free Akram Khans Giselle (2018)
HD - 8.5

Akram Khans Giselle (2018)

IMDb: 8.5

Akram Khans Giselle 2018 A captivating re imagining of the romantic ballet with a powerful choreography that succeeds in updating this story while remaining true to its roots

Who Killed Nanc

Watch Free Who Killed Nancy (2009)
HD - 6.4

Who Killed Nancy (2009)

IMDb: 6.4

Who Killed Nancy 2009 On October 12th 1978 New York Police discovered the lifeless body of a 20 year old woman, slumped under the bathroom sink in a hotel room She was dressed in her underwear and had bled to death from a stab wound The woman was Nan

6 Festivals (20

Watch Free 6 Festivals (2022)
HD - 7.5

6 Festivals (2022)

IMDb: 7.5

6 Festivals 2022 Maxie, Summer and James share a deep bond and love for music When James receives a devastating diagnosis, the friends throw themselves into a whirlwind of festivals in an attempt to escape reality

Watch Free Monarch (2022–)

Monarch (2022–)


Monarch 2022 The Romans have created a country music dynasty but when their reign as country royalty is put in jeopardy, Nicolette will stop at nothing to protect her familys legacy

Revival (2018)

Watch Free Revival (2018)
HD - 6.6

Revival (2018)

IMDb: 6.6

Revival 2018 REVIVAL is hybrid of every film idiom Broadway musical, Hollywood musical, animation, green screen technology, and sound stage In its meta theatrical stylized bridging of the theater and the audiences everyday experiences, REVIVAL is a m

JKs House (2013

Watch Free JKs House (2013)
HD - 7.5

JKs House (2013)

IMDb: 7.5

JKs House 2013 Blending family values and life lessons with music and dance, JKs House entertains while teaching kids important life lessons about such topics as being thankful, patience, manners, caring, sharing, family focused and much more

American Rapsta

Watch Free American Rapstar (2020)
HD - N/A

American Rapstar (2020)


American Rapstar 2020 A new scene of troubled, lo fi young rappers has emerged from Trumps America, utilizing the SoundCloud streaming platform to quickly become the most culturally disruptive force in hip hop, shocking the world with their rambuncti

She Is King (20

Watch Free She Is King (2017)
HD - 6.4

She Is King (2017)

IMDb: 6.4

She Is King 2017 A talented young woman from a rural village travels to the Big City of Johannesburg, South Africa to become a Star She lands a role in a musical play about Zulu Queen Mkabayi, Shakas Aunt and searches for her identity as a Performer,

Morrer Como Um

Watch Free Morrer Como Um Homem (2009)
HD - 6.3

Morrer Como Um Homem (2009)

IMDb: 6.3

Morrer Como Um Homem 2009 A transgender woman tries to erase any past history of herself as a male Struggling with a young male lover and a problematic son

David Bowie Out

Watch Free David Bowie Out of This World (2021)
HD - N/A

David Bowie Out of This World (2021)


David Bowie Out of This World 2021 Few artists marked the 20th century like David Bowie did He was an astonishing and eclectic performer A rock and roll revolution, that didnt belong in a box, and whose work brought a new dimension to the music scene

Bo Burnham Word

Watch Free Bo Burnham Words, Words, Words (2010)
HD - 8.1

Bo Burnham Words, Words, Words (2010)

IMDb: 8.1

Bo Burnham Words, Words, Words 2010 The internet and soon to be movie, TV, radio, etc phenomenon, Bo Burnham, brings you his first one hour stand up special Bo Burnham Words, Words, Words from the House of Blues in Boston

A Dog Called Mo

Watch Free A Dog Called Money (2019)
HD - 6.6

A Dog Called Money (2019)

IMDb: 6.6

A Dog Called Money 2019 As imaginative as the creative process it documents, A DOG CALLED MONEY is a uniquely intimate journey through the inspiration, writing and recording of a PJ Harvey record Writer and musician Harvey and award winning photograp

Pennies from He

Watch Free Pennies from Heaven (1978–1979)
HDTV - 8.4

Pennies from Heaven (1978–1979)

IMDb: 8.4

Pennies from Heaven 1978 1979 Arthur, a sheet music salesman, has an ear for the hit tunes, but nobody will trust it And his imagination often bursts into full song, building musical numbers around the greatest frustrations in his life He meets an in

Trances (1981)

Watch Free Trances (1981)
HD - 6.7

Trances (1981)

IMDb: 6.7

Trances 1981 The groups Trances are our equivalent of soul music, our irrationality I followed the example of the Nass El Ghiwane themselves I went back to the roots They draw their music from the last thousand years of Moroccan and African history t

Inside (2021)

Watch Free Inside (2021)
HD - 8.6

Inside (2021)

IMDb: 8.6

Inside 2021 A musical comedy special shot and performed by Bo Burnham, alone, over the course of a very unusual year

Jazz Fest A New

Watch Free Jazz Fest A New Orleans Story (2022)
HD - 7.2

Jazz Fest A New Orleans Story (2022)

IMDb: 7.2

Jazz Fest A New Orleans Story 2022 The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell, aka Jazz Fest, is the signature annual music and cultural event of the city and has been called Americas greatest festival Celebrating the music, food,

Watch Free Sing On (2020–)
HDTV - 6.4

Sing On (2020–)

IMDb: 6.4

Sing On 2020 In each themed episode, six contestants belt out the biggest hits from that genre while being judged by a vocal analyzer comparing their vocal performance to the original artists

Rock Till We Dr

Watch Free Rock Till We Drop (2022-)

Rock Till We Drop (2022-)


Rock Till We Drop 2022 Martin Kemp and Lady Leshurr help make dreams come true for veteran musicians longing to be rock stars The pair each assemble a band, aged 64+, to play at the legendary Isle of Wight music festival

Frock Destroyer

Watch Free Frock Destroyers Frockumentary (2022-)

Frock Destroyers Frockumentary (2022-)


Frock Destroyers Frockumentary 2022 NA

Women Who Rock

Watch Free Women Who Rock (2022-)
HDTV - 7.2

Women Who Rock (2022-)

IMDb: 7.2

Women Who Rock 2022 Features interviews with several female pioneers in music and pays homage to those who have stormed the stage and wielded their instruments

Dardara (2021)

Watch Free Dardara (2021)
HD - 8.0

Dardara (2021)

IMDb: 8.0

Dardara 2021 After 25 years of non stop creation and at the peak of their career, the rock band Berri Txarrak decided to hang up their instruments But before they did that, and as a farewell, they did one last tour around the world to thank all those

Freakscene The

Watch Free Freakscene The Story of Dinosaur Jr  (2021)
HD - 6.8

Freakscene The Story of Dinosaur Jr (20

IMDb: 6.8

Freakscene The Story of Dinosaur Jr 2021 Homage of one of the most influential bands on the American East Coast, which inspired the rock scene an emotional, tragically funny and sometimes noisy roller coaster ride by a dysfunctional family Dinosaur J

A Womans Work T

Watch Free A Womans Work The NFLs Cheerleader Problem (2019)
HD - 6.9

A Womans Work The NFLs Cheerleader Probl

IMDb: 6.9

A Womans Work The NFLs Cheerleader Problem 2019 Football and feminism collide in this documentary that follows former NFL cheerleaders battling the league to end wage theft and illegal employment practices that have persisted for 50 years

U2 Innocence +

Watch Free U2 Innocence + Experience, Live in Paris (2015)
HD - 8.4

U2 Innocence + Experience, Live in Paris

IMDb: 8.4

U2 Innocence + Experience, Live in Paris 2015 U2 perform a rescheduled live show at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France in the aftermath of the November 13 Paris Attacks as part of the final shows of the European leg of their Innocence + Experienc

Fishermans Frie

Watch Free Fishermans Friends One and All (2022)

Fishermans Friends One and All (2022)


Fishermans Friends One and All 2022 A sequel to the hit U K film

BlackJack (1990

Watch Free BlackJack (1990)
HD - 5.7

BlackJack (1990)

IMDb: 5.7

BlackJack 1990 Kaj, Lennart and Robert are 30 somethings who goes out to dance every weekend At one dance they meet Inger, whom Kaj falls in love with Kaj has some friends who are playing in a band The drummer Tommy is known for being the local Casan

Trainwreck Wood

Watch Free Trainwreck Woodstock 99 (2022)
HDTV - 7.5

Trainwreck Woodstock 99 (2022)

IMDb: 7.5

Trainwreck Woodstock 99 2022 Woodstock 1969 promised peace and music, but its 99 revival delivered days of rage, riots and real harm Why did it go so horribly wrong

Il ragazzo che

Watch Free Il ragazzo che sorride (1969)
HD - 5.2

Il ragazzo che sorride (1969)

IMDb: 5.2

Il ragazzo che sorride 1969 NA

Hipsters (2008)

Watch Free Hipsters (2008)
HD - 7.1

Hipsters (2008)

IMDb: 7.1

Hipsters 2008 While the Cold War heats up on the world stage, rebellious youth in 1955 Moscow wage a cultural battle against dismal Soviet conformity, donning brightly colored black market clothing, adopting American nicknames and reveling in forbidd

Angeli senza pa

Watch Free Angeli senza paradiso (1970)
HD - 4.2

Angeli senza paradiso (1970)

IMDb: 4.2

Angeli senza paradiso 1970 Music lessons crescendo with a love affair as a young Franz Schubert tutors a countess in Budapest Then her fiance challenges the composer to a duel

1400 (2015)

Watch Free 1400 (2015)
HD - 4.3

1400 (2015)

IMDb: 4.3

1400 2015 Notions of identity find context in the themes of love, loneliness and alienation that pervade our protagonists Tension between the past and present is linked to memory, desire, time, space and environment A study of isolation and dislocati

Guide (1965)

Watch Free Guide (1965)
HD - 8.3

Guide (1965)

IMDb: 8.3

Guide 1965 Raju is released from jail much before his term he decides to go back to his usual life of Guide But changes his mind and reaches a small religious village where people mistake him of being a god men and call him Swami Few months later his

South Park The

Watch Free South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert (2022)
HD - N/A

South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert


South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert 2022 NA

Those Sweet Cre

Watch Free Those Sweet Creatures (1970)
HD - 5.8

Those Sweet Creatures (1970)

IMDb: 5.8

Those Sweet Creatures 1970 An Italo American singer and as he arrives at the airport he is accused of being a draft dodger and is drafted He soon begins a love story with his commanders daughter

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