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Suicide Squad (

Watch Free Suicide Squad (2016)
HD - 7.2

Suicide Squad (2016)

IMDb: 7.2

Suicide Squad (2016) Figuring they're all expendable, a U.S. intelligence officer decides to assemble a team of dangerous, incarcerated supervillains for a top-secret mission. Now armed with government weapons, Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Ma

The Dark Knight

Watch Free The Dark Knight 2008
HD - 9.0

The Dark Knight 2008

IMDb: 9.0

When the menace known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, the caped crusader must come to terms with one of the greatest psychological tests of his ability to fight injustice.

Batman v Superm

Watch Free Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
HD - 7.7

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016

IMDb: 7.7

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) A billionaire socialite and owner of Wayne Enterprises who dedicates himself to protecting Gotham City from its criminal underworld as a highly trained, masked vigilante.[8] The Batsuit in this film is made o

Man of Steel 20

Watch Free Man of Steel 2013
HD - 7.2

Man of Steel 2013

IMDb: 7.2

Man of Steel 2013 With Krypton destabilized from mining of the planet's core, Jor-El, chief advisor to Krypton's supreme council, recommends the council give him control of the genetics codex. Before any action can be taken, soldiers led by General Z

Justice League

Watch Free Justice League (2017)
HD - 6.3

Justice League (2017)

IMDb: 6.3

Justice League (2017) Thousands of years ago, Steppenwolf and his legions of Parademons attempted to take over Earth with the combined energies of three Mother Boxes. They were foiled by a unified army that includes the Olympian Gods, Amazons, Atlant

Batman 1989

Watch Free Batman 1989
HD - 7.6

Batman 1989

IMDb: 7.6

The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal Joker.

The Dark Knight

Watch Free The Dark Knight Rises 2012
HD - 8.5

The Dark Knight Rises 2012

IMDb: 8.5

The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Eight years after the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman has disappeared and organized crime has been eradicated in Gotham City thanks to the Dent Act. Police Commissioner James Gordon has kept secret Dent's mur

Wonder Woman (2

Watch Free Wonder Woman (2017)
HD - 8.3

Wonder Woman (2017)

IMDb: 8.3

Wonder Woman (2017) In present-day Paris, Diana receives a photographic plate from Wayne Enterprises of herself and four men taken during World War I, prompting her to recall her past. Daughter of Queen Hippolyta, Diana was raised on the hidden islan

Batman Begins (

Watch Free Batman Begins (2005)
HD - 8.3

Batman Begins (2005)

IMDb: 8.3

After training with his mentor, Batman begins his war on crime to free the crime-ridden Gotham City from corruption that the Scarecrow and the League of Shadows have cast upon it.

Watchmen (2009)

Watch Free Watchmen (2009)
HD - 7.6

Watchmen (2009)

IMDb: 7.6

In an alternate 1985 where former superheroes exist, the murder of a colleague sends active vigilante Rorschach into his own sprawling investigation, uncovering something that could completely change the course of history as we know it.

Constantine (20

Watch Free Constantine (2005)
HD - 6.9

Constantine (2005)

IMDb: 6.9

Constantine tells the story of irreverent supernatural detective John Constantine, who has literally been to hell and back.

Catwoman (2004)

Watch Free Catwoman (2004)
HD - 3.3

Catwoman (2004)

IMDb: 3.3

A shy woman, endowed with the speed, reflexes, and senses of a cat, walks a thin line between criminal and hero, even as a detective doggedly pursues her, fascinated by both of her personas.

A History of Vi

Watch Free A History of Violence (2005)
HD - 7.5

A History of Violence (2005)

IMDb: 7.5

A mild-mannered man becomes a local hero through an act of violence, which sets off repercussions that will shake his family to its very core.

Green Lantern (

Watch Free Green Lantern (2011)
HD - 5.7

Green Lantern (2011)

IMDb: 5.7

Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan is granted an alien ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers that inducts him into an intergalactic police force, the Green Lantern Corps.

Red 2 2013

Watch Free Red 2 2013
HD - 6.7

Red 2 2013

IMDb: 6.7

Retired C.I.A. agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device.

Batman Returns

Watch Free Batman Returns (1992)
HD - 7.0

Batman Returns (1992)

IMDb: 7.0

Having defeated the Joker, Batman now faces the Penguin a warped and deformed individual who is intent on being accepted into Gotham society. Crooked businessman Max Schreck is coerced into helping him become Mayor of Gotham and they both attempt to

Batman Forever

Watch Free Batman Forever (1995)
HD - 5.4

Batman Forever (1995)

IMDb: 5.4

Batman must battle Two-Face and The Riddler with help of an amourous psychologist and a young circus acrobat who becomes his sidekick, Robin.

The Losers (201

Watch Free The Losers (2010)
HD - 6.4

The Losers (2010)

IMDb: 6.4

A CIA special forces team are betrayed and left for dead by their superiors, galvanizing them to mount an offensive on the CIA.

V for Vendetta

Watch Free V for Vendetta (2005)
HD - 8.2

V for Vendetta (2005)

IMDb: 8.2

V for Vendetta (2005) In 2027, the world is in turmoil and warfare, with the United States fractured as a result of prolonged second civil war and a pandemic of the "St. Mary's Virus" ravaging Europe. The United Kingdom is ruled as a Nordic supremaci

Superman II 198

Watch Free Superman II 1980
HD - 6.8

Superman II 1980

IMDb: 6.8

Superman II 1980Before the destruction of Krypton, the criminals General Zod, Ursa and Non are sentenced to banishment into the Phantom Zone. Years later, the Phantom Zone is shattered near Earth by the shockwave of a space-borne hydrogen bomb. The t

Supergirl 1984

Watch Free Supergirl 1984
HD - 4.3

Supergirl 1984

IMDb: 4.3

After losing a powerful orb, Kara, Superman's cousin, comes to Earth to retrieve it and instead finds herself up against a wicked witch.

Superman Return

Watch Free Superman Returns (2006)
HD - 6.1

Superman Returns (2006)

IMDb: 6.1

Superman reappears after a long absence, but is challenged by an old foe who uses Kryptonian technology for world domination.

Road to Perditi

Watch Free Road to Perdition (2002)
HD - 7.7

Road to Perdition (2002)

IMDb: 7.7

Bonds of loyalty are put to the test when a hitman's son witnesses what his father does for a living.

Jonah Hex (2010

Watch Free Jonah Hex (2010)
HD - 4.7

Jonah Hex (2010)

IMDb: 4.7

Jonah Hex (2010) During Grant's presidency, Jonah Hex is a remorseless bounty hunter. In the Civil War, he was a rebel whose honor put him afoul of a Confederate general, Quentin Turnbull, who murdered Jonah's family while Jonah watched. As a result

Superman I 1978

Watch Free Superman I 1978
HD - 7.3

Superman I 1978

IMDb: 7.3

An alien orphan is sent from his dying planet to Earth, where he grows up to become his adoptive home's first and greatest superhero.

Batman and Robi

Watch Free Batman and Robin (1997)
HD - 3.7

Batman and Robin (1997)

IMDb: 3.7

Batman and Robin are back working sidebyside to stop the villains of Gotham City, but is there tension appearing between them, especially when one villainess who calls herself Poison Ivy can make anyone fall in love with her...literally. Along with P

RED (2010)

Watch Free RED (2010)
HD - 7.1

RED (2010)

IMDb: 7.1

RED (2010) Frank (Bruce Willis) is retired, bored, and lonely living off his government pension in a nondescript suburb in an equally nondescript house. The only joy in Frank's life is his calls to the government pension processing center when he get

Superman III 19

Watch Free Superman III 1983
HD - 4.9

Superman III 1983

IMDb: 4.9

Superman III 1983 Gus Gorman, a chronically unemployed ne'er do well, discovers a talent for computer programming, and is hired at the Metropolis-based Webscoe. Gus embezzles from his employer, bringing him to the attention of CEO Ross Webster. Webst

Swamp Thing (19

Watch Free Swamp Thing (1982)
SD - 5.4

Swamp Thing (1982)

IMDb: 5.4

Swamp Thing (1982) Dr. Alec Holland, hidden away in the depths of a murky swamp, is trying to create a new species - a combination of animal and plant capable of adapting and thriving in the harshest conditions. Unfortunately he becomes subject of hi

Superman IV 198

Watch Free Superman IV 1987
HD - 3.7

Superman IV 1987

IMDb: 3.7

The Man of Steel crusades for nuclear disarmament and meets Lex Luthor's latest creation, Nuclear Man.

The Return of S

Watch Free The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)
HD - 4.5

The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

IMDb: 4.5

The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) The Swamp Thing returns to battle the evil Dr. Arcane, who has a new science lab full of creatures transformed by genetic mutation, and chooses Heather Locklear as his new object of affection.

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