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  1. Vote: 8.5

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  3. Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

  4. Starring: Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Angus Sampson, Kirk Acevedo
  5. Director: Adam Robitel
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Storyline:  Insidious: The Last Key (2018) In 1953, young Elise Rainier lives with her parents Audrey and Gerald, a prison executioner, and her brother Christian, in New Mexico. Elise claims to see the ghosts of the prisoners that have been executed, alarming her parents. One night, Elise encounters a ghost in their room. Frightened, Christian looks for the whistle their mother gave them to call for help, but it's lost. Gerald, furious, beats Elise and locks her in the basement. A demon called "Key Face" comes through, possessing Elise and killing Audrey by hanging her. Gerald arrives to find Elise and Audrey's body.Decades later, Elise works as a paranormal investigator with her colleagues, Specs and Tucker. Ted Garza calls Elise, saying he'd been experiencing paranormal activity at his house, which is actually Elise's childhood home. She hesitates, but accepts the job.Ted explains that many paranormal incidents have happened, mostly in her old bedroom. Elise finds the lost whistle in her room. In the basement, she is attacked by a female ghost that shouts "Help her!" before vanishing with the whistle. Elise tells them that she has seen her before, as a teenager, but when her father said he saw nothing, Elise fled the house in fear of another beating, abandoning Christian. The next morning, Elise, Tucker, and Specs meet sisters Melissa and Imogen, Christian's daughters. Christian is still furious at Elise for abandoning him. Hoping to repair their relationship, Elise hands Melissa a photo of the whistle, telling her to show it to Christian....
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