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  3. Genre: Drama, Romance

  4. Starring: Ines Hyster Asserson, Veslemy Mrkrid, Mathias Storhi
  5. Director: Per Olav Srensen, Emilie Beck
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Storyline:  Royalteen 2022 Royalteen is a love story about living with your mistakes, conquering your fears and breaking the internet When prince Karl Johan, Kalle amongst friends, and newcomer Lena start to develop warm feelings for each other, Lena is charmed but also sceptic, for many reasons Party prince Kalle is a regular figure in the tabloids and the gossip blogs one of them was run anonymously by Lena herself, until she was exposed Lena is painfully aware that dating the future king might put them both in an impossible situation and she has not told Kalle or anyone else about her even bigger secret, which is also the reason why she moved from her hometown 
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